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Photofixr: Now order more for less!

27 April 2015

Photofixr: Now order more for less!

Receive up to 20% off an entire order with NEW volume discounts.

Photofixr, Ravensworth's photo enhancement service, allows agents to make simple fixes to property photography, from brightening internal images and removing clutter to adding blue skies and making grass green.

With eye-catching photographs the most important aspect of your property marketing, the whole property should look at its best!

To help you market your properties in the best light both inside and out, Ravensworth have launched new Photofixr volume discounts - a cost effective way to enhance an entire property.

 Photofixr: Internal before & after

-Enhance five images and receive a 10% discount at checkout

-Enhance ten images and receive a 20% discount at checkout

What’s more, Photofixr volume discounts is an offer that is here to stay!

Blue skies might (fingers crossed) be upon us, but good property photos should apply to the whole property, both inside and out.

Click here to improve all your property marketing with Photofixr - now giving you more, for less!