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It's all about the content

15 May 2017

It's all about the content

Email is now available on Marketing Toolkit and we’ve put together our top tips on finding content, how you can use it and what it means to your customers. 

Regular communications that demonstrate your expertise are essential in the property industry as the lifecycle of a customer is much longer than other industries such as retail and automobile. Regular communications that continue after the keys and contracts have been exchanged will help with retention, cross selling and gaining recommendations.

Using fresh, engaging and exciting information for email campaigns will help improve your open and click through rates and is a great way to building long term, lasting relationships with customers and prospects.
Simply emailing new properties once a week will only appeal to a small number of people who are ready to buy or sell and is likely to result in many unsubscribing to your communications. Past customers or prospects may not yet be at the stage where they are looking to actively engage, however many will appreciate information about the property market that is relevant to their local area.

Communicating relevant and insightful information on a regular basis will build trust, prove your expertise, reinforce your brand and nurture relationships. Doing this means that when individuals are ready buy or sell, they will likely call you first rather than your competitors.

What information should I send?

There is a whole host of items that you can include on your communications to keep customers interested, some examples are:

Testimonials and case studies from previous customers

News about your office staff or team

Local property statistics 

Number of people moving in or out of the area

Number of houses on the market

Average house prices

Average ages & occupations of homeowners

Local school, retail or transport information

Upcoming events 

DIY or gardening tips

Mortgage news

Where can I find information?

Signing up to alerts from Google News and RSS feeds from local online newspapers will ensure you have a constant stream of information to be shared with your database. You can also follow local council pages on social media and other “what’s on” pages.

Local statistics can be found on central government websites or property portals and Gardener’s world or DIY weekly can provide regular tips and ideas. You can also give hints about presenting a house for sale over a 6 month period as it will help people budget and plan.

You may already work with a number of local businesses that you recommend to customers and it may be an idea to ask them for regular updates that could be relevant, this could be expanded on further and you could speak to local leisure centres or businesses to see if they can provide any special offers or discounts.

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